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Post-termination plan: 6 required steps

1. Dismissal is not a tragedy, but your chance to change your life for the better Whatever the reasons for dismissal, keep calm and only calm! Yes, losing your job is a way out of your comfort zone, but then your fate is in your hands again. Consider the situation as a chance to change your life for the better, and not as a tragedy. Do not hesitate, after a while you will remember this with a smile and be glad that everything turned out that way. Remember: dismissal does not mean that you are a poor specialist - just now you are not on the way with the old company. Focus on your strengths - this will not only increase your self-esteem, but also help you realize your competitive advantages in the labor market. 2. Get some rest There is a possibility - go on a trip, no - give yourself at least a few days of respite. Go to the zoo with your child or friends, visit your parents, arrange friendly gatherings, go outdoors. And by all means tell friends and acquaintances about your fr
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To write or not to write a farewell letter?

The tradition of writing a farewell letter to colleagues on the last business day came to Russia only recently. Is it worth wasting time and e-mailing words of gratitude to already former co-workers? To the last day at the old job was another step forward, listen to the recommendations. Why is this needed? To decide whether or not to write a farewell letter to colleagues, answer two questions for yourself. First, do you want to maintain business (or maybe friendship) relationships with colleagues in the future? The professional world may turn out to be rather narrow - it is quite possible that you will meet with former colleagues more than once. Having parted with colleagues on a positive note, you will be ready for new meetings and, possibly, for joint projects in the future. The second question is whether you are ready to spend time and effort and write a truly informative, rather than formal, letter? So that every reader understands you and your motives, so that everyone you

Creative networking, or How to become a “person with connections”

Professionalism, responsibility, luck - much to be successful in work. Including dating in the professional community. How to become a “person with connections”? How to establish and maintain a business relationship? The theory of six handshakes in action According to the data of the Research Center for Recruitment Portal, 26% of Russians consider personal contacts and acquaintances in the professional community as a priority for a successful career. Another 62% are sure that communication is not the main thing for career growth, but it is still a good help. In fact, the presence of connections means that you can always get a recommendation, hear good advice, solve a difficult issue with less time loss. That is why an applicant with a wide circle of acquaintances can claim a slightly higher salary than his shy competitor. The professional community is a complex network interwoven with new and old acquaintances, friendship, rivalry, family relations. The ability to est

The return of the prodigal employee, or whether it is worth a second time to get a previous job

They say that it is impossible to enter the same river twice. What about the company you worked for before? Is it possible to quit, and then return to the previous team without loss? To make the right decision, read recommendations. Leaving go? Imagine: you seem to be successfully working in a company. At the same time, as it always happens, something you like, but something causes rejection. For example, a good team, but uninteresting tasks. Or a boss with a difficult character, but a high salary. And suddenly you are invited to a new job - they promise growth prospects, good income, an excellent team and other joys of office life. Upon reflection, you write a letter of resignation, say goodbye to colleagues - and go, to new achievements! However, in a month it will become clear that the promised golden mountains have nothing to do with reality. And you recall with sadness the previous workplace - it turns out that it was not so bad there ... Is it possible to return

How to become your own in a new team

Interviews and tests are behind us, and your dream job is already waiting for you. However, on the eve of the first working day, nervousness mixes with pleasant impatience. How will colleagues meet? Will they be able to join the new team? In order not to torment yourself with such questions and not to waste emotions in vain, follow the advice of Adapt according to plan First of all, calm down, because there is no reason to panic: in most teams, newcomers are received kindly. According to the study, almost half of the companies (49%) attach great importance to the adaptation of new employees. Mentoring, introductory excursions, orientation courses and trainings, welcome letters, drawing up a trial work plan, personal conversations - everywhere there is a different methodology for meeting newly arrived team members. Got into a hospitable company - faithfully follow the adaptation plan adopted in it. Even if the information presented at the introductory tr